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How To Catch a Buyer’s Attention With Your Headline

A fantastic headline is the best (and cheapest) way to grab your audience’s attention. Write a headline that describes a target audience, current or future problems, and your content receives the attention it deserves. For example, if you don’t make eye-catching real estate headlines you won’t attract prospective buyers and the number of potential buyers … Read more

36 fantastic headline ideas for your Mazda Neospace ad

Content should be written to be fluid so it has a natural language. The more natural the reading flows, the easier it is to keep the reader’s attention. Rich language adds to the audience’s experience. However, avoid language that takes a long time to understand. Don’t overestimate your target group’s interest. It’s easy to stare … Read more

Great (and free) headline ideas for your SAAB 9-2 ad

Start training your brain to find well working headlines, by looking for things that keeps repeating. If the same headlines repeats often, you know it statistically work well. If it didn’t work well, they would have changed it. It’s easy to stare yourself blind when you need to add 5 more variations in the headline … Read more

Grab some headline ideas for your Acura MDX ad

Making a good headline can sometimes be hard when you need to come up with ways to sell your Acura MDX. When done correctly, a good headline will captures the audience’s attention. You should write paragraphs that make sense, regardless of the order they are output. By doing so, it’s easy to move the paragraphs … Read more